Thursday, 10 November 2011

Traditional Thai Wedding Gifts

Giving gifts is very important in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony.  If you are the member of the bride’s family than you are suppose to give gifts to the bride before the wedding but if you are attending the wedding ceremony as an ordinary guest than you have to give gift at the time of wedding.

Although there are many forms of gifts in Thai wedding, such as money, wall clock, flowers, decoration item and money or amount in check. Traditionally a check or money is given in an envelope which the guest received for invitation with the name of the guest. The amount depends upon the guest’s social status. An average amount ranges from 100 to 500 baht that is equal to 3.30 to 16.60 US dollars. When a guest holds a very high paying job abroad with respectable position than an amount of 1000 baht that is equal to 33.25 US dollars is sufficient. If a guest gives an amount less than expectation will be considered stingy. If a guest is unsure about the amount, he may ask the person who invited him in the wedding.
There is another way of giving gift in money form and that is giving donation in the name of bride in a temple, in Thai tradition it is considered as good luck for the newly wed couples.
There is very special ceremony that takes place before the wedding and is called Thong Mun. In this ceremony a groom presents a gold jewelry to his bride. This gold jewelry is measure in baht, and is considered bad luck if it weighs in uneven number, its weight should be not less than 2 baht in even number.

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Thais living abroad can send gifts to Thailand in wedding of their relatives with well wishing messages such as  ”happy married life” to newly wed couples.  christmas flowers thailand are also sent in this ceremony to contribute in the happiness, joy and pleasure of couples and their parents.
Flowers are sent in wedding ceremony because they excellent for decorating stage, bride gown and beautifying a car used in bringing the bride to the wedding hall and finally to the groom’s home.  
Gift giving in Thai wedding is a social requirement Giving gift of flowers and money both serve the purpose in wedding ceremony.  Gift of money helps the newly wed couple to begin their life and a gift of flowers brighten the wedding ceremony.  When giving gifts it is necessary to follow the customs of Thai society because weddings are the most important social responsibility that has to be followed accordingly to Thai traditions.